A better Look: The Hermès Kelly Dépêches 25 pouch

July 10, 2023 By ndpaz 0

simple riddle:

What appears like an Hermès Kelly
Closes like a Kelly
Makes a excellent day or evening bag
Is commonly offered on the Hermès website or in the boutique?

And the response is: the Hermès Kelly Dépêches 25 Pouch

Kelly Dépêches 25 Pouch. picture via Hermes.com.

Kelly Dépêches 25 Pouch. picture via Hermes.com.

Hermès Kelly Dépêches 25 Pouch
Via FashionPhile


Full disclaimer: I like the Kelly Dépêches 25 Pouch. I believe the dimensions are extremely practical as well as it looks excellent – to be honest, I much prefer it over the Kelly Danse, which of program is extremely difficult to discover in a shop as well as is extremely popular.

My question, therefore, is: Why is this iteration of the Kelly such an under-the-radar bag?

Well, first, a bit backstory. As the name suggests, the style of this bag is rather somewhere between the Kelly as well as the Kelly Dépêches designs. The Kelly, as we know, is a extremely elegant women’s bag and….well, the Kelly Dépêches completely isn’t. The Kelly Dépêches is discovered in the men’s department – in fact, it’s a briefcase.

Kelly Dépêches Briefcase. picture via Hermes.com.

Hermès Kelly Dépêches Briefcase
Via FashionPhile


The Kelly Dépêches is a truly elegant briefcase, as well as you can see straightaway the similarities between it as well as the Kelly bag – however the briefcase version has a more boxy proportion, appears more masculine, has a much shorter handle as well as lacks the clochette as well as key. between the two, the proportions of the Kelly Dépêches 25 pouch definitely lean better to the Kelly Dépêches than the Kelly (in fact, the exterior of the pouch essentially mimics that of the briefcase, only eliminating the top handle as well as adding a removable wrist strap instead). So, there is that.

Kelly Dépêches Briefcase, Kelly Dépêches 25 Pouch, 32cm Kelly Sellier.

Then, it’s to be noted that while the women’s bags are available in the usual array of colors as well as sizes, the Kelly Dépêches 25 pouch has a much more limited, soft color palette, comprised mainly (if not entirely) of neutrals, although I have seen plenty with either Gold or Palladium Hardware.

The many neutral colors of the Kelly Dépêches Briefcase. These are the kind of colors the pouch is likewise created in. picture via Hermes.com.

And yet…this bag seems so practical as well as appealing to me, as a truly unisex bag. It’s definitely big sufficient to hold the fundamentals (official dimensions are L 25.2 x H 19.5 x D 4 cm as well as there is a slide pocket up front, right under the flap), from a fairly sized wallet to a phone, keys, lipstick, etc., yet it’s little sufficient to in shape in the crook of your arm.

25cm Birkin next to Kelly Dépêches 25 Pouch. picture via @The_Notorious_Pink.

Interior of the pouch showing the front slide pocket. picture via TPFer @traumamama.

While the size may be huge for formal events, I believe this is a excellent choice for a daytime clutch or for laid-back events. I personally am extremely intrigued as well as would like to add one to my collection.

What do you believe about this size as well as design? I’d like to hear from people who own this bag: let us understand exactly how you are enjoying it!